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Sierra 7 news

2009-11-23 00:59:55 by simonhason

a quick post about a current game in production -

by Simon Hason & Cody Hamway :
About :
This is a flash based first person shooter specifically an on-rails FPS. This game features fully 3D rendered environments and weapons, various unique weapons to unlock and use and numerous game play elements are incorporated into this shooter.
Technical :
The engine that drives this game is superior to any flash FPS game we have encountered. The weapon system takes into account each weapon's accuracy, rate of fire, power ( or ammunition type ) and they all feel and respond like the real weapons would. The enemies are scripted randomly so that each level is unique with every play through.
Aesthetic :
Very little in this game has been drawn in flash. The worlds and weapons are all 3D models created by the talented Cody Hamway and have been manipulated in flash to create the interactive experience. The animation quality and detail in each model are extraordinary and I'm very proud to have Cody on board.

We are not certain on a release date, but you can expect this title early 2010. We are extremely excited to share this project with all of you! So excited that we have decided to allow you guys to check out the sniping portion of the game.

This is not finalized but here is the playable testing for Sierra 7 : Kosovo Sniping mission. 7snipingNew.swf

Screen shots can be found on my main web page.
Thank you and feel free to leave any comments!

Sierra 7 news


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2009-11-23 01:51:38

The reason it zooms out while reloading is because it is very hard to reload while looking through a scope. Realism, man!

I bet the entire game will be awesomely detailed, and will probably be the best flash railshooter ever. (Siftheads is not worth comparing)

simonhason responds:

Realism is what we're shooting for, but we have casual gamers like Angryglacier's back too. We will have a setting to play casually as well. You get a lower highscore and the game is less challenging, but its easier to jump in and play.

Thanks for the feedback!


2009-11-23 08:53:11

I seriously hope that map and that weapon is part of the map. I was threatened by it's sheer awesomeness! BEST sniping game ever! Yes it is~!

And honestly, none of the targets are hard to hit. You could even hit the green signboards.


2009-11-23 16:36:30

The windage system is interesting for the sniping, but the snowfall is a bit off while moving around in sights, which kills the immersion. Specifically, relative velocity is way off. If I move my sights quickly downward, the snow on the screen should move up. If I move the sights up, the snow should move quickly downard. Velocity should be dependent on distance from viewer (IE: the bigger snow should be faster and the smaller snow should be slower). It seems that you have a system in play that makes the snow behave differently while moving in sights, but it's not quite right. So, just fix that, and I think it'll be perfect.

simonhason responds:

Ah, I see what you mean here. The system is kind of a tricky one, I've never done anything like this before but I think if I pulled off the snow movement like you mentioned it would be a lot better. I will definitely work on it thanks for the input!


2009-11-23 17:30:45

This seems to be interesting, but when will you incorporate real humans instead of sticks? Is it a purposly done art initiative or what? You are seriously a designer of great rspect, as I wish I could do stuff like this. But without knowing any flash skills and only knowing drawings, I can only give such a suggestion.

With much respect,

simonhason responds:

I hope to for this project. Stick-men really drag this project down but I haven't been able to find an animator to work on this project. But the hunt will continue because I really do want to use full characters.

I will make a future post in search of an animator for this and if we find one that's great but if not we will have to settle with stick figures.


2009-12-17 20:04:04

I'm really exited just to say the least, this looks to be the next generation of flash shooters. I played this and the USP demo as well and was excited to see that you used the "kickback" approach to accuracy as in Vitaly Zaborov's "Endless War" series. In the final game I think it would be cool to have some sort of shooting range to try out new guns/attachments in.


2009-12-26 22:33:22

that looks really asome. Does your guy walk around at all ?


2009-12-29 05:43:54

I want to try out the playable sniping mission, but the link doesn't seem to work; whenever I click on it, it just says Error 404 - Not found. But how did angryglacier test it out, did he do something I'm not aware of?


2009-12-30 03:08:00

Hey Simon, whenever I try to access your website, this comes up.

Error 404 - Not found

The document you requested is not found.

Could be simple problem. But I'm not too sure. I really would like to try your demo for Sierra 7, but I can't access it.


2009-12-30 03:18:22

i'm really impressed with what you've got flash to do. i've never seen a smoother rail shooter. well, your shooter right now isn't a rail (you just stand still) but i can see where you are going with it.

fyi, your website is giving me a 404 on the index page... you might want to look into that


2010-01-01 11:33:31

This game looks amazing i can't wait to see it come out this year! and the amount of detail in this game is amazing and smooth, there's probably more weapons then your last game and the realisim... We're expecting alot out this dude and.... you have my praise and luck!


2010-01-15 19:29:17

looks realy good but when i try to get on the website it comes up with ERROR 404-NOT FOUND... please message back i realy want to play this game cos i loved the original "weapon" thanks

simonhason responds:

Sorry every1! my site is down at the moment, I will fix that up as soon as I can.


2010-01-29 16:53:01

That looks sick. Apparently you're making a Tactical Assassin 3? I would love for that to be true because I believe you did very well on Tactical Assassin 2. Weapon is also very good, and I trust you with your game creations that you will do great.


2010-02-06 09:38:22

i say your site not working o.o error 404


2010-03-06 01:03:53

cannot play the test =(


2010-03-12 18:34:38

Im looking foreward to your game. I have long since been a fan of your sniping/shooting games. I hope it has something close to Nazi Zombies.


2010-04-05 12:21:34

hi, how come ur website doesnt work anymore?


2010-04-05 12:21:58

ohhh nvmm


2010-04-07 15:11:50

wow the 3D producer must have alot of experience


2010-04-15 09:30:43

I was just wondering are you using the weapon models from the previous game weapon or are they made speacialy for this game ?


2010-04-16 15:22:24

hope its got a cover system and not crap that comes out of no where. if theres enemys that shoot you and you cant do anything about it then, well the game may not be so great

Cheers, Oz


2010-05-06 21:26:31

Dang, this could be one of the greatest FPS Flash games ever made, when it is released.

Anyways, keep up the good work.


2010-06-05 11:04:37

boom head shot!


2010-07-08 19:26:49

This looks awesome. Can you take cover behind stuff, like Time Crisis? That would rock, but Im sure it will be awesome anyway.


2010-08-13 23:01:12

When you try to go to the website a white screen comes up and it says Error 404 - Not found.
The document you requested is not found.
So, I think you should try to fix it.



2010-08-22 04:37:47

I can't wait until this is finished!
If you're trying to go for a super realistic game, i have a few suggestions:
1. For each caliber of bullet you could try to account for hydro-static shock (look it up, it's pretty cool)
2. You could make it so not every enemy is using the same-size clip, some guys could have a barrel-clip, or you only get 3 extended clips before you have to use normal ones
3. Different bullet "grades", for example a small Russian militia won't be using a large surplus of American military-grade rounds

Also, do me a favor here, please add a napalm gun, everyone likes napalm (maybe as a bonus weapon for beating the game?)


2010-08-28 21:31:22

The link worked for me this time and I think Sierra 7 is going to be the best game you've ever made. I know your not certain about the release date but I hope it comes out soon. The detail just in the testing was amazing! I can't wait for this game!



2010-09-26 21:43:00

Wtf this was supposed to come out early 2010 I mean What the #*@!


2010-09-26 21:43:51

great demo though can't wait


2010-09-26 21:45:18

It's supposed to come out early 2010


2010-09-26 21:45:44

I mean what the hell!


2010-10-17 14:07:18

is this gonna come out?


2010-10-17 18:00:02

hey can you please add the desert eagle please¡¡¡¡¡ its soooooo sweet


2010-10-23 05:28:57

The problem is the cursor and the sniper sight are not in line thus creating confusion also what do i do after i kill the two guys in plain sight?


2010-11-05 07:21:25

looks like modern warfare 2....
don't make it like that. i hated that game. make it like the new medal of honor


2010-11-26 19:33:30

there is nothing wrong with sticks there classic and still fun great work so far cant wait to see more from you


2011-01-08 00:59:23

I played Sierra 7 on Armorgames .com and I was impressed and somehow disappointed at the same time. I was amazed by the realism and the outstanding fluidness of the perspective and movement, such as when Sierra 7 reloads his gun. So much so that it is very enjoyable to play just from that aspect, but only for a short time.
I was very disappointed at the size of your arsenal and you options with it. After playing Weapon, which also was enjoyable, I expected a even bigger variety and list of weapons, mods, and options, but this was not the case. You get a extremely small choice of weapons compared to Weapon, even then you can't unlock them until you complete some challenge for it. You can't even mod your weapons now. What the hell is stoping Sierra 7 from putting a red dot sight on a gun or silencer on his pistol? The "story"mode is only 7 missions long, and is only fun for a few play throughs. In Sierra 7 defense, it has a very deep and realistic sniper challenge that is more fun then "story"mode.
The best way to summarize this game is like owning a very fancy sports car that you can drive as fast as you want but are only given a half a gallon of gas to run on. It sleek, cool and much better in performance and look, but you can only drive so long until you run out of gas then you realize that it isn't as awesome as you thought it was.
-Extremely close detail with very fluid animations
-Good 1st time through
-The sniping parts
-Lack of weapon choice, variety, and ability to mod them
-The 2nd time though



2011-01-08 11:57:09

My sole suggestion to the game is when you are on missions, you should be able to choose your own path. I know this is a on-rail fps, but I would like arrows popping out on the screen where there are multiple paths. (But this would mean a need for a mini map) Also, incorporate little fps elements like crouching for better accuracy and details like those can improve this game!


2011-01-10 22:20:15

Amazing I can't wait you guys make the best stick figure games


2011-01-16 04:41:56

I played Seirra 7 on Armor games.Please :Kosovo is Serbia.
Except that awsome game.


2011-01-16 17:00:40

Do you guys have a release date yet?


2011-01-23 08:51:01

Game is already out at


2011-01-28 15:40:31

Oh cool, thanks Arabascan!


2011-02-09 15:29:18

are you ga\inna upload this to newgrounds?


2011-02-09 18:05:07

You should add some medals. :D


2011-02-10 11:57:30

Would've been more epic if you included in medals.

It's good anyways.


2011-02-10 19:07:44

You are the Tom Clancy of flash games.


2011-02-23 09:29:17

I was very, very impressed by this game. It's one of the best Flash games out there, and it rivals non-Flash games for play value. For me it gives the same feel as single player Counterstrike (which I really enjoy - multiplayer has too much silly bouncing). I have some suggestions for tweaks.

First of all, ignore the people who want huge weapon sets and fantasy weapons like napalm guns. Stick to the gritty, realistic approach, it works very well.

Bug list:

*Sniper mission reports 0 kills
*Shotguns report hit rate above 100%, probably due to multiple rounds fired?
*V has no effect in areas where night vision is not scripted in.
*The firing mode indicator always shows the primary weapon, even when you are using the secondary weapon.
*After a Checkpoint, you restore to the primary weapon even if you were using the secondary weapon.
*Put sniper target hints in text on screen, in case someone is playing with no sound.
*In the Gun Running challenge, I get so much lag on tracking my weapon onto the targets that it's almost impossible to put the reticule on them. This might be machine-specific I guess.

Tweak list:

1. The option to step back behind cover - like Sneak and Peek - should always be in effect. There are a lot of situations where the right move is to step back. Admitted, this will make the game easier, so you will need to create a compensating challenge. But otherwise it feels unrealistic that you can step behind cover in some situations but not others.

2. You should be able to interrupt a scripted move in order to reload, heal, etc. The scripted moves start immediately when you kill the last enemy, and that's exactly the time you probably want to reload or heal, maybe change weapons (maybe reload both). Currently the only safe time to do this is when in front of a closed door. It's not realistic, and it leads to the odd tactic of always checking in front of a door if you need to do reloads etc.

3. No timer. We have a timer in the training mission but not in any of the other missions. A timer (when appropriate) would add challenge (maybe as an option or on higher difficulty). E.g. the hostages will be killed, the leader will escape, etc

Would be great to have more levels one day, but I appreciate you don't have a huge budget! This is a very nice, self contained, replayable game with its seven existing levels. Great job!


2011-02-23 09:32:37

... and also it would be nice to be able to skip mission intros when replaying a mission.


2011-03-02 08:32:08

It's simply the number ONE flash shooter game.
but some things could be added.
you know how great "weapons" is, they way you can buy upgrades for each weapon. that's the only wish i have. to be able to buy weapons, and their gadgets.
even without it i strongly believ this game is perfect. (haven't seen any bad game from you yet :) ).
great job, hope you are having as much fun with your games as we are!!!