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Excellent game.

I found myself playing this for I think over 2 hours. I loved Diablo 2 and was always wanting to make a flash version of it or at least see one some where so thank you!

Everything was great but of course I have some complaints :

The enemies were pretty boring and unimaginative. A green blob that shoots blobs at you? You could have done better!

I found that once you get to the last 2nd last act, the graveyard, the items are pretty much as good as they'll get for the rest of the game. I obtain the best gear very easily so it was kind of a shame.

In the hard mode I don't think that it was balanced properly. You recieved little or no experience for killing insanely hard enemies. So, hard mode was basically impossible.

How come you can't start a new game? This sort of game is one where you learn a lot on your first play through so naturally you want to play again to kick some ass but every time its the saved stats. I could be missing the button but I'm pretty sure you don't have one. PS. It's incredibly easy... use .clear();

My dragon got maxed very easily as well, you should have made him go a lot higher than 600 health.

Overall a great game !

Excellent game

Very fun and addictive, I played through until the very end, including the bonus missions. Beat them all with par / bonus mode! Thanks for the Russian broadcast, it was definitely a worthy prize to beating the game... ;) Keep it up


Sitting at a 4.50/5, and well deserved. This is an awesome step forward to an awesome series of games. Keep it up!

Aaron rules!

This is really dumb

The only entertainment value out of this was the "WTF" factor of finding out what you're supposed to do. Any one who completed any of these severely wasted their time.

Very very innovative

Great game! I have never seen anything like this. My only problem was it was too short, but still a very entertaining game and definitely unique.

very under rated :(

This game was great, the multi-player aspect was awesome! I was hooked for a bit, I think I got close to 120 wins to 40 losses lol. My game suddenly ended though I don't know what happened I wanted to keep going, but it showed the logo and that was that. I was only level 13, maybe that was the end of the guest version.

The game was nearly a 10, the only thing I'd improve on would be animation. There was tons of content in this game so extra animation I know would be a burden, but gotta pick on something. Thanks for creating a fun game and killing a few hours for me!

Hey friend

I think you did a pretty good job with this one, I've enjoyed all the sift heads series. I like the way you stylize your games, gives it a kind of a bad ass / edgy feel to it. You may have played my sniping games in the past Tactical Assassin and I think in the future I want to get myself, you and the guy behind Clearvision together for a big collab project, since we all appeal to the assassinating / killing games. Shoot me a PM with your msn if you have it and we'll keep in touch, share our current projects and what not.

Really enjoyable

I played through without finding myself bored or annoyed with anything, it was quite fun actually and very creative. Hope to see more

Psionic3D responds:

Great stuff, glad you enjoyed it!!

Controlling the one true god!

Fun game =D hard as hell though, I give props to the sun for doin it all these years

Cool game

As a fellow sniping game creator, I really liked this one, but the accuracy was strange...for example for the zimmerman guy, I had shot around 6 bullets directly at his head, the impact on the glass was even right on his head, so I wasn't sure what was going on...it felt like he just died randomly from one of the shots. Same went for the oil rig one, but still an above average, cool game

Daani responds:

Thanks Simon! Yeah I know there are some glitches in the game that I wasn't aware of. I'll try to fix these when I get time over:)

Good luck m8!

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